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  • Strength properties

    Strength properties of copper valve is the brass valves withstand the media pressure capability. Copper valve is a pressure of mechanical products, and therefore must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure the long-term use without breakage or deformation.

    Sealing performance

    Copper sealing performance of the valve is brass valves part of the sealing ability to prevent media leaks, it is the most important copper valves technical performance indicators. Copper valve seal has three parts: opening and closing pieces and valve seat sealing surface contacts between the two; the filler stem and the stuffing of the distribution and office; the connection of body and bonnet. Which is called before a leak within the leak, which is commonly known as Guan lax, it will affect the ability of copper valve cut off media. For the truncated valve, the internal leakage is not allowed. Leakage after the two called the leak, that media leaks from the valve to the valve outside. Leakage will result in material losses, environmental pollution can also cause serious accidents. The explosive, toxic or radioactive medium, leakage is allowed, and therefore copper valve must have a reliable sealing performance.

    Flowing medium

    Will produce medium flows through the valve the pressure loss of copper (Cu valve pressure both before and after the poor), that is, copper valve on the flow media have a certain resistance, medium to overcome the resistance of copper valve, it takes some energy. From the conservation of energy considerations, the design and manufacture of copper valves, to minimize copper valve on the flow resistance of the medium.

    Hoisting force and hoisting moment

    Hoisting force and hoisting moment is brass valves to open or close the force or torque must be imposed. Closed copper valves, need to open two pieces with the fat seat sealing surface seal formed between certain specific pressure, but also to overcome between the stem and the packing between the stem and the nut thread between the stem end bearing at and other friction parts of the friction, and therefore must apply the closing force and closing moments, copper valve opening and closing process, the required closing force and closing moments of change, and its maximum is close to the final instant or open the initial transient. Design and manufacture of copper valve should be sought to reduce the closing force and closing moments.

    Hoisting Speed

    Hoisting speed is used to complete a copper valve opening or closing time of action needed to represent. Generally copper valve opening and closing speed without strict requirements, but some conditions have special requirements for opening and closing speed, the prompt to open or close, to prevent accidents, and some require slow and shut down to prevent water hammer, etc. , which should be considered in the choice of copper valve type. Action sensitivity and reliability of This refers to the copper valve for the medium parameters change, and make the appropriate degree of sensitivity. For the throttle valve, reducing valve, regulating valve used to adjust the medium parameters brass valves and safety valves, steam traps and other brass valve with a specific function, its functional sensitivity and reliability are very important technical performance indicators.


    It indicates the durability of copper valves, copper valve is an important performance indicators, and has great economic significance. Usually guarantee the number of seals required to open and close that can also be used to indicate the use of time.

  • In the 21st century, some well-known domestic manufacturer of copper valves break the conventional ideas and innovative practice, has developed a large number of new products, copper valves Scope in engineering applications has been greatly improved. In particular, the successful development of all copper is an experimental hydraulic control valve series not only copper products has been a qualitative leap in the manufacturing process, but also greatly contributed to the overall competitiveness of the copper valve industry.
  • Plumbing ware industry in recent years more and more attention has been paid to review its development process are summarized below

    Plumbing and sanitary ware industry in the past, can be summed up in a "small" word.

    First, the relatively small size of our industry, in the furniture industry, a very small proportion of building materials.

    Second, firm size is not large.

    Third, the industry's influence is very small.

    "Now the state of the industry has been a qualitative change, you can use three 'hot' to summarize." Kim die at home, principal analyst, said Luo Baihui grid, plumbing and sanitary ware exhibition, the industry's annual conference and made massive, rich program. Last year, the number of industries in Guangzhou to participate in the annual meeting has surged to 1,000 people, many government departments are involved. This "hot" specifically in the following aspects:

    First, the "cross-border hot", strong doors and windows, floors, furniture and kitchen appliances companies have entered into this industry in the past. Plumbing and sanitary ware industry in the past brands mainly from building materials, flooring industry. Straddling the appliance industry has several advantages:

    The first is a strong brand awareness, more mature than plumbing and sanitary ware industry, greater influence.

    The second is the high level of household electrical appliance industry marketing has a lot of very good people.

    Third, after the home appliance industry into the plumbing sanitary ware industry, kitchen appliances plus plumbing sanitary ware is the overall home, a good concept. But plumbing sanitary ware stores actually integrating large home era a better channels only. Household electrical appliance enterprises to do the plumbing and sanitary ware, plumbing and sanitary ware are generally deemed to supporting the channel or supporting the product to do, which is a lot to do bad plumbing appliances brand sanitary ware very important reason.

    Second, the "investment fever", Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places of the rich began to spread a lot of hot money into this industry inside. They are generally two ways for capital investment, one directly create a new brand, the second is a professional plumbing and sanitary ware brand capital.

    The third is "hot talent", plumbing and sanitary ware industry expertise brands are seeking extraordinary development, human desire to support capital. The extraordinary development of enterprises and cross-border brand capital are strong forces pushing both squeeze, let talented people into the various sectors of the industry, but also to the quality of employees can be improved.

    umbing and sanitary ware hope to develop along this road healthy heat down.

    In recent years, sanitary ware dealers have great opportunities but behind the development opportunities indeed faced with many problems, the development of some dealers began to not play by the rules, "the cards" as well as industry chaos. Bathroom plumbing industry have suggested that dealers do not do the following three things.

    Price war

    As in recent years, like the bathroom plumbing distributors everywhere springing up in general, therefore, the market price system should not have appeared in the malicious bargain. Some dealers said that some businesses in order to increase turnover, desperate price war, the brand dealers are very helpless. "Price war" Despite the short period of time can help dealers quickly get the part of consumers, but in the long run, the dealers themselves and the entire market, will be caught in a vicious cycle of price wars, we can only do the entire market. "unprofitable. "

    Although the market environment is so, but I found that most dealers still optimistic that the brand should reflect the value of its brand, not because of the price to the detriment of the brand's image. I believe there are many rational consumers will stick, "a sub-price goods," the truth, everyone on the future sales prospects bathroom plumbing industry is still optimistic.


    Home building materials market in west Chengdu, a home business staff pointed across a store being renovated told reporters that the shop just for the business, before the house dealers to petty interests, for a short-term economic interests in order once charged, the inferior superior charge and eventually leave only to close.

    The employee, says: "In the beginning, opposite the business is very good, because to place a discount on the product quality, the price will have a competitive advantage, consumers do not understand the product quality is good or bad, only to see cheap prices, so have to sell to buy. "

    In the interview, understand that consumers in the choice of bathroom plumbing, when still the purchase price as an important indicator. Meanwhile, some dealers all kinds of bathroom plumbing confuse the concept makes a lot of customers in the "smoke and mirrors" will rush in to sell. Such dealers even though it can get a short-term benefit, however, over time, product quality, but off, after all, consumers will not buy. Just before the house changed, but the same dealer, and ultimately had to close down. Product quality is not only the survival of the company line, is also basic survival dealers.

    Neglect Service

    Serving as an indispensable concept of business areas, has long been a lot of enterprises, businesses regarded as the key provisions of Management. From my understanding of the situation, Chengdu, some plumbing and sanitary auto service issues remain ignored.

    In a family bathroom plumbing stores, saw a consumer since purchased a certain sanitary ware plumbing problems after installation to come to the customer and the business dialogue, we learned the Chen customer some time ago in the store to buy a bathroom cabinet, but after the installation, discovery is not installed, phoned to the store to find a solution, but the business has repeatedly evade, and ultimately, customers only come to their homes "punitive expedition"。

    We know that some of the plumbing and sanitary dealers belonging to the agent of a company's products, installation and after-sales service by the manufacturers responsible for the problem once consumers will reflect to the dealer, the dealer will appear prevarication, slow to solve problems. Dealers not only sell products is more important is to do service, nearby a short time to help consumers solve related problems. This is the auto road win consumers in the long run.

    Thus, normal and reasonable and fair competition in order to better conduct go to market.

  • Water supply system, water separator used effectively avoid the water management loopholes, centralized installation, water management, and with the single-tube multiple use reduces the pipe procurement costs, but also greatly reduce the construction time and improve efficiency ʱ?? Water trap is directly connected to the main channel through aluminum reducer, centrally installed in the water meter pool (water meter room), and to achieve a form of outdoor installation, outdoor viewing. The current table of households across the country are being conducted in a wide range.

  • Trap is mainly used for a chemical reaction to separate water chemistry experiment, since the chemical reaction of water and when water is present in the reaction system, the reaction would have been affected, or the reaction can not be carried out, the need to generate water through azeotropic solvent reflux water to bring out the water, the reaction can be performed normally take the water of reaction azeotropically with toluene and water.
  • If the geothermal heating system does not trap, then the heating operation can not be normal. Why do I say this? It is mainly because of the importance of the heating system there because it is a key component heating system is properly run.

    Do not underestimate the little trap, if it once ruffled up, it will be inestimable, so when everyone in the trap of using the process, be sure to take it seriously, it will do repair and maintenance work, the momentWe can not fall.

    Trap according to the functions can be divided into manual and intellectual trap, its main role is as follows:

    (1) The water flow distribution as necessary to ensure that the regional branches of the loop flow to meet the heating load requirements. Meanwhile, the flow of each branch collection backwater main pipe, to achieve recycling operation.

    (2) connected to a variety of kinetic energy regulatory element (manual control valve, built-in spool, electric valves, flow meters, etc.), easy to implement multi-purpose building area (room) each branch loop regulation and control of heating demand. HVAC (online).

    Depending on the choice of warm pipe [/ URL] after (PE-Xa, PE-RT, PPR) and copper manifolds connected to different chemical corrosion, should distinguish between use. Elected by PE-X Pipe, the three sub-catchment can be selected. When selecting PPR Pipe PE-RT or do warm, you must use nickel-plated brass or chrome-plated manifold.

    First, we should pay attention to sub-catchment main bar wall thickness and compressive strength;

    Second, we should pay attention to the content of copper in copper material compliance with relevant national standards;

    Third, attention should be connected to the main bar the valve spool material (copper, iron or plastic);

    Fourth, we should pay attention to its anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant properties.

    So, for a little trap, it played in the heating system and the role of values, it is very important and critical, in the vast extent, whether it is strictly controlled to warm the heating system can operate normally key.

  • Some copper valve packing in containing molybdenum disulfide grease, a few months after use, should be added to the appropriate grease, when found in the filler need to be updated, it is timely to increase the appropriate packing to ensure sealing performance.

    Copper valves in the switching process, the original grease is added constantly lost, plus the role of temperature, corrosion and other factors, but also make the lubricating oil constantly dry. Therefore, the valve transmission parts should be regularly checked and found in oil should promptly fill in, to prevent increased wear due to lack of lubricant, causing the drive is not flexible or stuck failure and other failures.

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