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  • Copper valve opening and closing jamming, inflexible or does not open and close properly, and even unable to continue opening and closing, mainly due to the stem and other parts of the jamming, jamming mainly between the stem and packing. In general are:

    After the copper valve stem packing gland skew touch

    - Processing: Install

    Copper filler valve installed incorrectly or too tight

    - Treatment: packing pretension, relax appropriate filler.

    Copper valve stem and packing gland bite

    - Processing: Replace or repair.

    Bite or bites between the copper valve parts

    - Treatment: properly lubricated stem.

    Copper valve sealing surface scratches, abrasions and bite stem beam part stem threaded portion bites.

    After the copper valve sealing surface polishing with abrasive grains embedded in the sealing surface, not cleaned, resulting in the sealing surface scratches; after some by the use of abrasive particles in the scouring medium abrasive and sticky discharge the sealing surface, the copper valve switch, causing abrasions.

    - Treatment: rational use of abrasive, the sealing surface must be cleaned after grinding.

    Copper valve medium loot or slag not cleaned, resulting in abrasions.

    - Processing: Re-clean.

    Copper valve stem and packing gland, packing pads grazing, followed by the medium in the medium containing boron, crystallized form after escaping the hard particles in the filler stem contact surface strain when switching the stem surface.

    - Processing: Install, adjust with the gap parts and improve the stem surface hardness.

    Copper valves have contamination at the trapezoidal thread swag, poor lubrication conditions; stem and related parts deformation

    - Processing: Clear stolen goods, high-temperature lubricant coated copper valves timely; deformation parts amendment.

  • Selection of copper valves Introduction

    1. In accordance with the control function selection, all kinds of copper valves have their respective functions, the choice should pay attention to their respective functions.

    2.The operating mode selection, technical parameters commonly used copper valves include workers said pressure, the maximum allowable operating pressure, operating temperature (minimum and maximum temperature) and media (corrosive, flammable), these parameters should be chosen attention working conditions consistent with the technical parameters of the valve.

    3. Use according to the mounting structure. Copper valve mounting structure for piping systems have pipe thread, flange, sleeve, welding, hoses and the like. So copper valve mounting structure must be consistent with the structure of the pipe installation and size specifications to conform.

  • Copper valve packing maintenance

    1, packing a direct bearing on whether the key seal leakage occurs when the copper valve switch, if the packing failure, resulting in leakage of the valve is the same failure, especially urea pipeline valves, because a relatively high temperature corrosion comparative interest, packing easy to aging. Strengthen the maintenance can prolong the life of the packing.

    2, copper valve at the factory, in order to ensure the elastic filler, generally under static pressure test subject does not leak. After the valve into the pipeline, due to temperature and other factors that may extravasation occur, then we should tighten the timely holding pressure relief valve packing gland nut on both sides, as long as no leakage can later appear extravasation then tight, do not die a tight avoid packing loss of elasticity, loss of sealing performance.

    3, some copper valve packing in grease containing molybdenum disulfide, a few months after use, should be added to the appropriate grease, when found in the filler need to be updated, it is timely to increase the appropriate packing to ensure sealing performance. Transmission parts and maintenance NOTE: Copper valves in the switching process, the original grease will be added to the continual loss, coupled with the role of temperature, corrosion and other factors, but also make the lubricating oil constantly dry. Therefore, the valve transmission parts should be regularly checked and found in oil should promptly fill in, to prevent increased wear due to lack of lubricant, causing the drive is not flexible or stuck failure and other failures.

  • Trap principle is simple: an organic solvent immiscible with water at room temperature, but can form an azeotrope having a density less than water, such as solvents, toluene are common when water separator (upper mounted condenser ) filled with a solvent (which may be part of previously applied, you can not add, without it, the reaction system to be more trap volume of solvent), solvent and water in the trap layered, fluid accumulation in the trap the lower portion of the solvent to the reaction system reflux go. In fact, on two core points: immiscible with water azeotrope, density than water.

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