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The important role of watershed in geothermal heating systems play

Release date:2015-05-28Views:1027
If the geothermal heating system does not trap, then the heating operation can not be normal. Why do I say this? It is mainly because of the importance of the heating system there because it is a key component heating system is properly run.

Do not underestimate the little trap, if it once ruffled up, it will be inestimable, so when everyone in the trap of using the process, be sure to take it seriously, it will do repair and maintenance work, the momentWe can not fall.

Trap according to the functions can be divided into manual and intellectual trap, its main role is as follows:

(1) The water flow distribution as necessary to ensure that the regional branches of the loop flow to meet the heating load requirements. Meanwhile, the flow of each branch collection backwater main pipe, to achieve recycling operation.

(2) connected to a variety of kinetic energy regulatory element (manual control valve, built-in spool, electric valves, flow meters, etc.), easy to implement multi-purpose building area (room) each branch loop regulation and control of heating demand. HVAC (online).

Depending on the choice of warm pipe [/ URL] after (PE-Xa, PE-RT, PPR) and copper manifolds connected to different chemical corrosion, should distinguish between use. Elected by PE-X Pipe, the three sub-catchment can be selected. When selecting PPR Pipe PE-RT or do warm, you must use nickel-plated brass or chrome-plated manifold.

First, we should pay attention to sub-catchment main bar wall thickness and compressive strength;

Second, we should pay attention to the content of copper in copper material compliance with relevant national standards;

Third, attention should be connected to the main bar the valve spool material (copper, iron or plastic);

Fourth, we should pay attention to its anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant properties.

So, for a little trap, it played in the heating system and the role of values, it is very important and critical, in the vast extent, whether it is strictly controlled to warm the heating system can operate normally key.

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